#71 | 12 things you might not know about Google

12 things you might not know about Google
  1. Google was originally named BackRub. Page and Brin met at Stanford University in the summer of 1995 and decided to launch a search engine named BackRub. Thankfully, they changed their minds in 1997 and Google came into being.
  2. The word Google comes from the term ‘googol’, which is the number one followed by a hundred zeroes. The creators chose it to reflect the huge amount of data they were searching through.
  3. Google Image Search was launched in July 2001 with 250 million images and was inspired by the green Versace dress which Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards. The dress became the most popular search query on Google – but there was no way to actually see it, which led to the creation of Image Search!
  4. Google News was launched in 2002 as a response to the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York. Google said News was an experiment in news browsing a way to respond to people around the world who were trying to understand what happened, and to document the consequences.
  5. Back in 2002, Yahoo CEO Terry Semel offered Google $3 billion for the company. Google turned the offer down, refusing to accept anything less than $5 billion. Google currently has a market cap of $1 trillion.
  6. Can you remember the days without Gmail? If you weren’t using email before 1 April 2004, probably not, as this was when Google’s email app was officially launched. At first, everyone thought Gmail was an April Fool’s joke because it was launched on 1 April and because no one could believe Google was offering 1GB of free storage.
  7. The verb ‘google’ was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2006, which defines it as “to use the Google search engine to obtain information on the World Wide Web”.
  8. YouTube became part of the Google family in 2006, after it was bought for more than $1.5 billion. At present, YouTube has nearly 2 billion monthly users, with more than 400 hours of video uploaded every minute.
  9. As of October 2015, Google is no longer Google. Instead, the company is now Alphabet, a larger conglomerate with many companies—Google being the largest—under its umbrella. Ostensibly, according to Alphabet’s filing letter, this decision was made to allow more autonomy to “the companies that are pretty far afield of our main internet products,” like the driverless cars. 
  10. In April 2018, Google became the first company to achieve 100% renewable energy. This means that it is able to purchase a kilowatt of renewable energy for every kilowatt it uses.
  11. Just one Google search uses around the same amount of computing power it took to send the Apollo 11 astronauts to the Moon.
  12. Every year, there are trillions of searches made on Google. What is interesting is that 15 per cent of the searches made every day are for something new that hasn’t been searched before.


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